1611 : Two curious works on the Devil

Jacobus de Teramo ab Ancharano:
"Liber Belial"
Processus Luciferi contra Jesum coram judice Salomone

Bartolus de Saxoferrato
Processus Satanae

Extremely rare. The only non-incunabula edition.


1611, Hanoviae : Typis Villerianis, impens. Conr. Biermanni et cons.

Only edition. 8vo. XVI, 964, XLIII pages.

Contemporary vellum in very good condition with handwritten title. Internally very good and complete.

The only non-incunabula edition of those treatises related to satanism, staring the Devil himself sending God to trial, and mixing law and demonology in two extremely curious and esoteric works. The different incunabula editions of these books, are almost impossible to find, and copies are usually not complete.

In Saxoferrato's the devil claims possession of the sinful human race, and is successfully rebutted by the Virgin Mary. Teramo's work is larger, and deals with great details in how Belial, representing Hell, accuses Jesus who is defended by Moses, as they stand in the court of the King Solomon.

Both texts are extremely hard to come by, I don't know about any modern edition, although they are definitely of high interest, what makes this copy quite valuable.

A third work is found after :

Martialis Arverni - Aresta amorum, sive processus inter-amantes

In Latin & French, this work was first published in 1533 and deals with curious imaginary trials related to love.