1669 : Rare compilation on Demonology


Mallei Maleficarum

Tractatus aliquot tam veterum, Quam recentiorum in unum corpus coaceruati,

Artis magicae stupendos affectus, Lamiarum Pythonicos contractus, impia dogmata, spurcitias, fascinationes, veneficiaque demonstrantis




Containing 13 Works - Of utmost rarity.


Lugduni, Claude Bourgeat, 1669 .

4to. 1 f 14 pp (index) 184pp 322 pp 18pp (index)

Contemporary calf binding, rubbed but very solid. Interior complete and in good condition. Light browning on a few pages.

Beautiful printing and typography in a rare large format, most earlier versions of these demonological texts usually appearing in smaller size.

This is the Tome 2 (Part1 Part2), complete in itself, of what was probably the best and largest compilation on demonology ever published, right around the end of the witch hunts in Europe. Bourgeat published 3 other independent tomes in this set, which are often found separately, they are: the Malleus Malleficarum (Vol 1) , Daemonastix (Vol 3), Artis Exorcisticae (Vol 4)

The exact list of treatises contained in the present book is as follow :

Part 1 (184 pages) :

- Bernardi Basin - De artibus Magicis ac Magorum Maleficiis
- Ulrich Molitor - de Lamiis
- Ioannis de Gerson - de probatione Spirituum
- Thomae Murner - de Phythonico contractu
- Bartholomae de Spina - Quaestio de Strigibus seu Maleficis

Part2 (322 pages) :

- Laurentii Anania- De Natura Daemonum
- Bernardi Comensis - Tractatus de Strigibus
- Ambrosis de Vignate - Quaestio de Lamiis seu Strigibus
- Ioan. Gersonii - Tractatus de eroribus circa artem Magicam
- Ivan. Franc. Leonis - de Sortilegiis
- Iacobi Simancae - de Lamiis
- Alphonsi a Castro Zamorensis - De impia Sortilegarum, Maleficarum et Lamiarum haeresi.
- Pauli Grillandi - Tractatus de Sortilegiis.