[Early edition of the famous Grimoire of magic]

Le Dragon Rouge

Ou l'art de commander les esprits Célestes, Aëriens, Terrestres, Infernaux

First Edition

1521 (but late 18th century) - 16mo - 107 pages - Complete and in very good condition.
Half morocco shagreen binding. Title page and frontispice in Red. Several plates and illustrations in the text.

Here is an extremely rare early edition of the Dragon Rouge, also sometimes called Grand Grimoire. More common editions appeared later in the 19th Century, often without date, or mentioning "Sur l'edition de 1521". This one is clearly earlier and possibly the first to bear the title "Dragon Rouge", the earliest known version appearing under the title "Grand Grimoire avec la Grand Clavicule de Salomon", somewhere at the end of the 17th Century or early 18th Century, with the fake date of 1202.

The Dragon Rouge is one of the most famous book of ceremonial magic, it built himself an infamous reputation as a powerful book of black magic. Although its attributed date of 1521 is probably spurious, it takes it sources from early treatises such a the Clavicles of Salomon and the book of Honorius. According to A.E Waite , in its translation from 1898 , this grimoire is "one of the most atrocious of its class; it has a process in Necromancy which is possible, say some occult writers -- in the geniality of a lucid interval -- only to a dangerous maniac or an irreclaimable criminal. It must be admitted that the Rite is highly unreasonable, but in dealing with such literature it seems unsafe to advance the objection, for it applies much too widely."


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