1603 : Witch Hunter Manual of the Blood Council

Martin Delrio
Diquisitionum Magicarum
Libri Sex. In Tres Tomos Partiti.

Beautiful Folio - 3rd edition of utmost rarity



"The six books of magical controversies"

I - De magia generatim, & de naturali, artificiali, & praestigiatrice.
II - De magia daemoniaca & ejus efficacitat1e.
III - De maleficio & vana observatione.
IV - De prophetia, divinatione, & conjectatione.
V - De judicis officio & ordine judiciario in hoc crimine.
VI - De officio confessarii.

M.D.CIII. (1603) . Moguntiae. Apud Ioannem Albinum.

Large folio format. 3 books in 1 : (24) , 276, (15); 268, (18); 250, (11) pp. Engraved title page.

Contemporary full calf binding in beautiful/perfect condition (what is quite rare for those large volumes).

The interior is also complete and absolutely mint, there is not even the strong foxing usually found on those early 17th Delrio's editions due to the paper used at that time in Germany (see the 1633 - 4to copy we sold).

This rare 1603 folio is very hard to come by, this edition is considered by the best compared to the usual 4to versions that were printed several times. It has very detailed index tables not found in other editions. Moreover the excellent condition of this copy makes it really unique and valuable.

The Disquisitionum Magicarum is THE 17th century manual of witch-hunting. It is the longest and most complete treatise ever written on the subject, embracing theoretical demonology to practical torture to get confessions and going through diverse occult subjects such as alchemy or divination. This is one of the best editions. With a beautiful engraved title. Text framed, on two columns. In a word, a massive and beautiful book that would make a perfect addition to any serious collection on witchcraft.






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