1600 : Witch Hunter Manual of the Blood Council

Martin Delrio
Diquisitionum Magicarum
Iudicum & Confessariorum directioni commoda.

Second edition of utmost rarity.


M. DC. (1600). Moguntiae, Ex officina typographica Ioannis ALBINI.
8vo. 13 f. 561pp 25 f. Complete with the errata leaf. Very good condition.

Original vellum binding in good condition, handwritten title on red leather label. Scarce contemporary handwritten notes of an inquisitor and first and final leaves.

Extremely rare second edition.This is the third self cointained part of the major witch hunting manual of DelRio, the most inluential book of demonology during the XVIIth century. The handwritten title does not notify the part number , and shows that it was used as a stand-alone volume. As a matter of fact it contains books 5 and 6:

5 : De officio iudicum contra Maleficos, siue de processu Iudicario in crime Magiae.
One of the most famous text in the history of witch hunting, giving the standard procedure for torturing and "judging" witches.

6 : De officio confessarii, qua Iudex est.
Description of the various remedies against witchcraft.


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