1593 : The Bible of Demonology and Witchcraft.

Jean Bodin

De la
Demonomanie des Sorciers.


M.D.XCIII (1593) .Antwerp , Iehan Keerberghe. 8vo. 467p. In perfect condition. Nice later full leather bindfing. Interior very crisp.

The Demonomanie of Bodin is probably one of the most important books ever published on witchraft. Bodin offers a thorough manual of demonology, describing the signs of witchcraft, the sabbat, the invocation of demons, etc ... and also the whole procedure to be followed to sentence witches. Far from being an ignoramus and blind prosecutor, Bodin is one of the most respected philosophers of his time ( in his Six Books (1576), he expounded his famous political theory of sovereignty) , and firmly believed in witchcraft. See the Index below to have and idea of the contents of the book.

Contains the Refutation against Jean Wier (Johann Weyer), the famous disciple of magician Cornelius Agrippa and defender of witches in his works (de praestigiis daemonum, de lamiis ...)

Index (rough translation) :

1st Book
Chpt.1 : Definition of Witchcraft
Chpt.2 : Association of spirits with men
Chpt.3 : The difference between good and evil spirits.
Chpt.4 : On Prophecy and other divine means to know occult things.
Chpt.5 : On natural and humans means to discover occult things.
Chpt.6 : On lawful means to suceed in one's undertaking.
Chpt.7 : On Teratoscopy, haruspicy, ornithomancy, hieroscopy and similar.

2nd Book
Chpt.1 : On Magic in general.
Chpt.2 : Tacit evocations of demons.
Chpt.3 : Explicit evocations of demons.
Chpt.4 : On those who explicitly relinquish God and their religion, and on their bodily transportation by demons.
Chpt.5 : The extasy of witches, and their frequent meetings with demons.
Chpt.6 : Lycanthropy and the turning of men into beasts by sorcerers.
Chpt.7 : Copulation of witches with demons.
Chpt.8 : On sorcerers casting illness, sterility, hail storms, and death upon men and beasts.

3rd Book
Chpt.1 : Lawful means to obviate sorcery.
Chpt.2 : Sorcerers providing health to the ill.
Chpt.3 : Sorcerers using their powers to get fame, beauty, pleasures, honours, wealth, knowledge, fertility.
Chpt.4 : If sorcerers can do more harm to some people than to others.
Chpt.5 : Unlawful means to counter spells.

4th Book
Chpt.1 : Inquistion of Witchcraft
Chpt.2 : Evidence required to prove sorcery
Chpt.3 : On voluntary and forced confessions made by sorcerers
Chpt.4 : On presumptions against sorcerers.
Chpt.5 : Sentences against Witchcraft.

Refutation of Johann Weyer.


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