1704 : Rare treatise of Alchemy


Jean Le Pelletier

L'Alkaest ou le Dissolvant Universel
de Van-Helmont

Revelé dans plusieurs Traitez qui en découvrent le Secret.



First edition of only two.


1704 - Rouen, Guillaume Behourt. 12mo - 2ff. 256pp. 2ff.

Full contemporary calf binding in good condition. Ends of spine chipped. Interior complete and in very good condition.

Rare and highly estimated alchemical work. It contains the first French translations and commentaries of Philaletes and Starkey. In particular, the 11th chapter of Philaletes' "revealed secret" and his "commentary on the twelve gates of Ripley", the traduction of the 20 stanzas of the poem "Medulla Alchimiae", the dialog of Philalethes on the "Secret of the Alkaest", the traduction of the chapters IX to XIII of the "Pyrotechny" of Starkey, the commentary on the "dissolvant universel de Paracelse et Van-Helmont" by Starkey, and his reflexions on the making of the Alkaest.

¶ "Ouvrage curieux et fort estimé" Lenglet-Dufresnoy Hist. de la philosophie hermétique - Caillet n 6550 (only the 1706 ed.) - Duveen p.353 - Nourry cat. alchimie 1927 n 262 - Guaïta n 1551 "L'un des ouvrages anciens d'alchimie les plus curieux" - Not in Dorbon

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