1635 - First edition of the greatest Theosopher.


Jacob Böhme
De signatura rerum
Dast ist : Bezeichnung aller dingen, wie das Innere vom Eusseren bezeichnet wird. Beschrieben im Jahr nach Christi Geburt, MDCXXII


1635. 12mo, 403 pages.18th century paper binding slightly rubbed. Interior complete and in very good condition. Small restoration on titlepage.Contemporary underlinings of a german theosopher in red ink throughout.

First edition. Text in German. Written in 1622, this book was published for the first time 11 years after the death of the author. All first editions of J.Bohme are extremely rare , and the Signatura Rerum, the major work of the famous mystic along with his Mysterium Magnum, makes no exception. "Boehme describes God as the abyss, the nothing and the all, the primordial depths from which the creative will struggles forth to find manifestation and self-consciousness. Evil is a result of the striving of single elements of Deity to become the whole; conflict ensues as man and nature strive to achieve God who, in himself, contains all antithetical principles."

"And then, secondly we understand, that the signature or form is no spirit, but the receptacle, container, or cabinet of the spirit, wherein it lies; for the signature stands in the essence, and is as a lute that liest still, and is indeed a dumb thing that is neither heard or understood; but if it be played upon, then its form is understood, in what form and tune it stands, and according to what note it is set. Thus likewise the signature of nature in its form is a dumb essence; it is as a prepared instrument of music, upon which the will's spirit plays; what strings he touches, they sound according to their property. " . J.Bohme . De Signatura Rerum

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