1723 : Rare treatise on Alchemy


Sendivogius[Alexander Seton]

Ou Nouvelle Lumiere Chymique





1723 - Paris, Laurent d'Houry. 12mo - 1bl . 6ff. 333pp 92pp.

Contemporary calf binding, rebacked. Interior complete and in good condition, waterstain on the last 5 leaves.

Rare and highly estimated alchemical work. This is the most complete edition of the works of the alchemist Alexander Seton, that were published after his death by an other alchemist, Sendivogius.

Not much is know about Seton, he probably came from Scotland and performed a number of public transmutations during the years 1602-1604 . He went to Munich where he got married, and got under the good graces of Christian II, who was hoping he would give him the secrets of the philosopher stone. As he didn't reveal anything , he was sent to jail in Saxony, where he was questionned and tortured. Michael Sendivogius, an other alchemist, managed to make him espace from his prison in exchange of the promise of his secrets. They arrived in Cracovia, where Seton died from it wounds, taking his secret with him. Sendivogius went on to marry the widow of Seton, thinking her late husband might have confided in her. Unfortunately it seems she didn't know much, but she kept the manuscripts of Alexander, which she gave to Sendivogius who published them under his name.

Containing :

- De la Nature
- Du Soufre
- Du vray Sel des Philosophes

With the addition of the "Lettre Philosophique d'Antoine Duval" , under a different title-page.

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