Joanne Niess
Alphabetum Diaboli.

M.D.C.XXVII (1627) Dilingae. Daniel Mannassez. 12mo. 490 pp.

In very good condition. Beautiful original vellum binding with blindstamped decorations on both sides. Wonderful engraved title page describing Hell.

It contains a strange undated handwritten paper (see below, used in exorcism ?).

Desciption : Extremely scarce and curious occult treatise on the manifestations of devils in our world. That work is unknown to most bibliographies and was last published during the XVIIth Century, no modern editions can be found. It can't be compared to any book ever published on the subject. Officially the author dedicate his book to the education of young people but it reveals a very esoteric and profound knowledge of demonology and was often used by exorcists and the inquisition.

Contains an "Appendix seu aeterna inferorum supplicia".


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