Heinrich Cornelius
von Nettesheim

De Occulta Philsophia Libri Tres

Also including the Fourth book,

The Arbatel, the Ars Notoria, and other Collected Works


First part of the works of the master Occultist


No Date (c1600) Lugduni, Per Beringos Fratres.
8vo. 12ff 9 folding tables 694pp 1bl

Portrait of the author and hundreds of occult illustrations/tables in the text.

Contemporary full calf binding , gilt with the arms of the Cardinal De Casonis (1643 -1720). Interior complete and in good condition , stain on the title page, some uniform browning due to the nature of the paper used.

Very rare edition of the first part of Agrippa's collected works, complete in itself , containing his master work , the Three Books of Occult Philosophy, as well as the fourth book of occult philosophy and many other works. 

Almost all editions of Agrippa's works are undated , and all but the original were actually based on the first edition, in reality not printed by the Beringos brothers, but by Zetzner in Strassburg in the late XVIth century (See A.Prost extensive work on the subject) .

Published during the XVI century, the works of Agrippa are foundational to both western secular and occult thought. In his own time, although admired and feared by many as a powerful magician, he was hunted as a heretic and necromancer, his books were burned and he was condemned by the Inquisition.

Contained Works :

- De occulta philosophia libri tres
- Geomanticae disciplinae lectura
- De Occulta Philosophia liber IV.
- Petri de Abano Heptamaron, seu elementa Magica
- De speciebus Magiae Caeremonialis quam Goetiam vocant,
- Plinii Secundi naturalis histoariae Mundi libri
- x Magicae Naturalis brevisaimum, sed eruditum compendium
- De fascinationebus Disputat. elegant & erudira
- De Materia Demonum, seu illorum daemonum qui sub lunari collomitio versantur... - Gerardi Cremonensis Geomantiae Astronomicae libellus
- Arbatel de Magia seu Pneumatica veterum ...
- Ars Notoria
- Ioannis Tritemii in libros suos de Steganographia






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