Lemnius Levinus
De miraculis occultis naturae libri IV.

M.D.C.LXVI (1666) Lugduni Batav. Ex officina Johannis a Gelder. (Lyon Gelder).
12mo (14 cm) . [10], 638 pp . Red&Black title page.

PERFECT condition. The original vellum leather binding is as new, with title handwritten on the back. Interior is very good with a very unusual printer device on the Red&Black title page. One of the rarest editions of that lengthy "book of secrets" (first published as libri III and then one book was added) , that is to be put with the "Magiae naturalis" by Porta , or "De secretis mulierum", by Albertus Magnus. Last edition, far rarer than the usual editions that were published around 1600, there are no copies in the US libraries and only two in Europe (UK libraries). No bibliographies are acquainted with it. A beautiful book.


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