Wierus was first created in France in the 90s as an association aimed at making an exhaustive bibliography of all known books and manuscripts related to the occult sciences / hermetism , and to have the rarest treatises scanned.

This project was made possible by our extensive family collection of printed and manuscript material. Our library is quite large and covers most subjects from Alchemy, Magic, Inquisition, Demonology, Divination, with some exotic items from Middle Eastern magical grimoires to East Asian manuscripts from Tibet secret practices.

Due to the lack of funds to transcribe the books and manuscripts, and in order to repair the most damaged ones, we decided to sell some items of our collection. We are now selling a couple of extremely rare books/manuscripts every year from our library - mainly items we have in double - as well as other items on behalf of bibliophiles accross the world. We have gained an extensive expertise in the domain of antiquarian books of occult interest, and we are helping many collectors in Europe, the US and Asia. Please just send us your e-mail in order to be informed of the latest items we are selling.

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